The last day of 2007, Lin and Lee decided to start a 365-day long conversation by exchanging images and writings. This random thought occuring on New Years Eve generated a year long conversation. This conversation consisting of 25 images and writings will be published by Garden City Publisher in June 2009. Meanwhile, Hung collaborated with Jung Hsiang Ke, an artist living in Taipei, creating a visual dialogue across physical distance. Prior to the publication date, Lin and Lee present Short Conversation- a photography, literature and interactive show with Hung, which explores how a conversation crosses the boundaries of time and space.
2007年的最後一天,藝術家林艾箴和李依樺約定以照片和文字,開始為期365天的對話。這在跨年夜偶發的念頭,促成了為期一年以時間為軸的對談。「短對話(Short Conversation)」25篇細膩感性的故事將在今年六月將其出版成冊。藝術家洪湘茹的作品「兩點之間(Between You And Me)」,則以雙攝影觀點游移於不同空間, 記錄彼此之間關係與距離的改變,以攝影與拼貼在異地創造出共同的記憶。在林艾箴與李依樺的攝影文字書出版前夕,她們三人共同舉辦了「短對話聯展」,利用攝影、文字與互動裝置,展示人心的對話如何穿越時間與空間的藩籬。



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