SHORT CONVERSATION: A Conversation Beyond Time and Space
Aichen Lin
I-Hua Lee
Hsiang Ju HungMarch 24th – April 10th, 2009
Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 24th, 7-9pm
Short Conversation is a collaboration by New York-based artists Aichen Lin, I-Hua Lee
and Hsiang Ju Hung. Originally from Taiwan, the three artists share similar backgrounds
and all gained new inspiration by living abroad. Aichen Lin and I-Hua Lee capture moments
of life and art-making in New York using Polaroid images and poetic writings. Hsiang Ju Hung
presents a remote collaboration with Taiwanese artist Jung Hsiang Ke. These conversations
beyond time and space will be exhibited at the Taipei Cultural Center from March 19th to April 10th.

The last day of 2007, Lin and Lee decided to start a 365-day long conversation by exchanging
images and writings. This random thought occuring on New Years Eve generated a year long
conversation. This conversation consisting of 25 images and writings will be published by
Garden City Publisher in June 2009. Meanwhile, Hung collaborated with Jung Hsiang Ke,
an artist living in Taipei, creating a visual dialogue across physical distance. Prior to the publication date, Lin and Lee present Short Conversation- a photography, literature and interactive show with Hung,which explores how a conversation crosses the boundaries of time and space.

Hung gave an interpretation for Short Conversation: "A true conversation only exists in a mental
and empathic connection." She believes that common life experiences and emotional similarities
are the most universal communication languages for human beings, no matter how far they are apart. In Hung's interactive installation, Open Door Open Mind, she used a door, a common daily interface with collective memories, as the subject. In the interaction, while a viewer is opening the small door on a human chest sculpture, an ideal intercommunication also begins.

Lin will also present her collaboration Ignorance from 2006 with Taiwanese artist MingHua Lin as a two channel video installation. Via the internet, they used video as the medium to capture information from two different places.  They then shared this information, which they later edited into two different interpretations from their points of view. Thus, they place the viewer in order to obtain their position through confusion and conflict within the real and fictitious realms.

Taipei Cultural Center is open Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm and Saturday
9am-11am. For more information, please contact Aichen Lin at 1-347-673-3300
or Cultural Center
1 East 42nd St. 7th Floor, New York, NY 10017

短對話聯展: 365天跨越時間與空間的對話


2007年的最後一天,藝術家林艾箴和李依樺約定以照片和文字,開始為期365天的對話。這在跨年夜偶發的念頭,促成了為期一年以時間為軸的對談。「短對話(Short Conversation)」25篇細膩感性的故事吸引了台灣出版商的注意,預計在今年六月將其出版成冊。藝術家洪湘茹與柯鈞翔的作品「兩點之間(Between You And Me)」,試圖在互拍的過程中,以雙攝影觀點游移於不同空間, 記錄彼此之間關係與距離的改變。在林艾箴與李依樺的攝影文字書出版前夕,她們三人共同舉辦了「短對話聯展」,利用攝影、文字與互動裝置,展示人心的對話如何穿越時間與空間的藩籬。

洪湘茹為「短對話聯展」做了最好的解釋:不論實體距離的遠近, 真正的對話只存在於心理與情緒上的聯繫。她認為共同的生活經驗與情緒的共通點,是聯繫人們的最主要力量。於是她以門這個普遍又充滿集體記憶的日常界面當作其作品「心門(Open Door, Open Mind)」的主體,觀者打開位於人體模型胸膛上的小門時,也開啟了與另一方的心理對話。





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